Cloth Diapered Babies Need Big Bum Fashion

Green Gamboni
Green Gamboni makes booty-ful jeans
Cloth diapers: I must admit, they are not for me. Just the other day, I sent my friend out for a run, promising to watch our babies, and found myself totally stymied when her cloth-diapered gal needed a change. I did my best, which meant my friend laughed and laughed at me when she came back.
But my cloth-diapering pals often complain about the fashions available for their “J-Lo babies.” To whit: cloth diapers are more bulky than most, which means it can be hard to find stuff that fits their frames.
A mom on my local parenting list just started a business making specially-designed organic jeans that fit over big cloth bums, which made me wonder what other fashions work best for babies whose FuzziBuns put them in Sir Mix-A-Lot territory.


Baby Legs
Baby Legs

Baby Legs Legwarmers

Especially when the babes are teeny, sometimes you just can’t wrestle with pants at all. If all you can mange is a diaper cover and a t-shirt, a lot of parents ward off extra chill with a simple pair of leg-warmers instead of pants. Gotta admit, they make diaper-changes easy, and added bonus: they make you a maniac! Maniac! On the floor! $12 at


Frugi Cut4Cloth
Frugi Cut4Cloth
A UK-based baby-clothes company called Frugi originally called themselves Cut4Cloth because that’s pretty much their deal. Also organic, and hecka cute. About $18 plus shipping at

Some moms swear by Basic Brilliance pants. They’re boring, but who needs excitement? You’re covering a butt, not marrying Prince Harry.
Many also feel the love for Hanna Andersson one-pieces. They ain’t cheap, but they’re durable, and the sales are great -- just watch for them.
Before I had kids, I thought I’d be all up in the Zutano love, but I found their little suits to be sized all weird. Now I know why: they are the preferred brand of the babes of giant diapers.
What’s your cloth-diaper big-butt solution?

Image via Green GamboniBabyLegs, and WeLoveFrugi

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