Huge Baby Born in Wisconsin!

12.5 pound baby born in Milwaukee
Not Actual Baby
Look out Milwaukee! There's a new, ginormous baby in town, and he looks hungry. Last Wednesday, Jordan Tucker was brought into the world at almost twice the size of the average infant, weighing in at 12.5 pounds and measuring 23.5 inches. Whoo! His mother, Anetta Beckwith, was only about one week overdue and her doctor was estimating the baby would weigh in at 10, maybe 12 pounds. Looks like he's an overachiever.

Like many of you reading this, I am so glad that baby did not come out of my vagina. But that big boy didn't come out of his own mother's, either.


Yep, a c-section helped baby Jordan into the world and I'm guessing his mother might be relieved. (Although I have a friend who gave birth naturally to an 11+ pound-er, and she claimed she was fine. I, however, am much more of a wuss than that.) Jordan's father claims the boy has already grown out of his newborn clothes they brought to the hospital, so he's off for some shopping so they don't take him home naked.

This is one of those times when you stop and say, "Why are babies so big today???" But the fact of the matter is, this kid may have been huge, but the doctor delivering said he hadn't seen a baby this big since 1978. So there were clearly some giant kiddos being born in Milwaukee back in the '70s. Could beer and cheese to be blame?

I kid. But I do think beer and cheese are in order for the mom who has essentially been carrying around a 4-month-old in her uterus.

How big was your baby?


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