Twins Make All Their Babies From One Shared Ovary

There are few things sisters wouldn't give to one another if they're close, and one set of twin sisters in France has just proven exactly how true that really is. A French woman who received an ovarian transplant from her twin sister just conceived and gave birth to a baby girl last month.

The baby she named Victoria is completely healthy and doesn't have Turner Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that affects both her mom and her aunt and is the reason her mother tried for a decade unsuccessfully to have a baby.

Now she has a daughter and the reason is sisterly love. How amazing and how very, very lucky she is.


As I write this, I can hear my children downstairs ticking one another. I have a girl and a boy who are 18 months apart, and I'm not sure that two non-twin children have ever been closer. They nap intertwined on the couch, they watch TV all cuddled together, and they play together almost constantly, but still, I want a sister for my daughter.

Maybe it's because I had my own sister, but there is something about the closeness two females from the same family can share that just cannot be replicated in any other relationship. Of course, this sister gave her ovary to her sister. There are two of them and she has two ovaries. Why would she not share?

It's a sister that will help get you through those hard times and do everything in her power to make them easier. That is sisterly love. It's the second best kind next to mother-child.

Do you have a sister you adore?


Image via {Charlotte.Morrall}/Flickr

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