New Evian Babies Commerical Freakiest Ever (VIDEOS)

evian babies

Remember those Evian commercials with the CGI-powered rollerskating babies? Well, the mineral water giants are introducing a stop-motion sequel to the hugely successful Roller Babies campaign, this time featuring adults wearing t-shirts with dancing babies on them. (Ally McBeal flashback, anyone?)

I get the point: Drink Evian and "live young." Here's what I don't get: Why do I seem to be the only person in the Evian-drinking world creeped out by artificially dancing babies? And even more creeped out by adults masquerading as babies?

Look, I love babies. In fact I'm a total sucker for a cute baby. I'm even one of those crazy women who makes exaggerated smiley faces at other people's infants in line at the grocery store and says irritating things to moms I don't even know like "Oh, I remember when mine were that age! Enjoy it while it lasts!" But this ...



Why? Babies definitely don't rollerskate, and they don't really dance, either, unless you count the occasional rhythmic bouncing that occurs in one of those jumpy harnesses attached to the door-frame or what happens to babies when Beyonce's music is playing. And even though CGI has come a long way (baby) since the Ally McBeal days, those Evian babies still look eerily manipulated, as if some evil infant puppet master were pulling invisible strings from above: "Dance, baby, dance!"

I'm pretty sure it's the puppet-esque quality that bugs me, because the E*TRADE baby doesn't bother me a bit. I know the effects used to make that little guy talk are the same kind of digital tricks that make those other babies rollerskate, but the E*TRADE baby still looks like a real baby, not some psycho robotic doll-baby that's going to dance out of the toy box to bludgeon me to death with an Evian bottle in the middle of the night.

Do you think digitally-enhanced babies are creepy?

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