Man Finds Newborn Baby Who Was Buried Alive!

rooftop gardenHere's a story that will totally break your heart -- but I'll tell you up front that it has a happy ending! Now you can keep reading.

Imagine you head up to a rooftop garden to take a little break in your day, and while you're up there, you hear murmurs coming from a garden bed nearby. And then, what if upon investigating the noise, you realize it's coming from beneath the surface of the dirt? It's coming from underground. What do you do? Freak out? Run away because you're afraid it's a rabid animal? Do you hesitate? Or do you, without a second thought, use your bare hands to dig into the dirt toward the desperate cries?

Well, a newborn baby is alive today because one man did just that.


Tay Kim Sia, a 60-year-old Singapore man, was taking a smoke break on a rooftop garden when he heard mewing sounds coming from some shrubs. Upon following the noise, he found a newborn baby buried alive in a shallow grave!

The details, found via Newser, are horrifying. The newborn baby boy, umbilical cord still in tact, had a plastic bag wrapped around his neck, and his mouth was stuffed with mud and leaves. By some miracle, however, he was still breathing and whimpering loud enough that Sia found him.

This is truly a miracle story. I mean, this child survived against all odds, and by pure chance, Sia heard his cries and decided to pursue them to the point of digging into a garden. Imagine how many people would have ignored such noises, assuming they came from an animal or something, or not had the nerve to dig into the ground toward the unknown.

We're happy to report the boy is in stable condition in a local hospital.

Police are searching for his mother or next of kin. Bloodied clothes were found nearby. I can't even imagine what the woman must have been thinking or what desperate situation she must have been in to do such a horrible thing to her baby.

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Image via pinboke_planet/Flickr

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