Twin Mom Reveals the Best Double Stroller

twins in double stroller
Holy cuteness, right?
Let me start off by stating the obvious and note that there really is no best double stroller. Strollers for twins or two kids who are young enough to be in strollers are just not as fun as a stroller for one. The reason is simply because no matter the design, a double stroller is just a monstrosity and the Hummer of the sidewalks. And yet it's totally a necessary evil and you should move out the way when you see us coming because they can be hard to navigate y'all!

Still, I have had the great fortune of having twins so I take the good with the bad and have the misfortune of having to use a double stroller. I have both a tandem and side-by-side double stroller for my kids, and of course there are perks and better uses for both of them. Here's my professional twin mom assessment of a moderately priced tandem and a moderately priced side-by-side!



The Side-By-Side

maclaren twin stroller

I have the Maclaren Twin Triumph (around $200) -- it was a gift from my sister-in-law. She had a Maclaren last through all four of her daughters and so durability was a selling point. And durable it is. We've traveled with it, drove all over the streets of Brooklyn in it, and even navigated a whole lot of New Orleans in it. I love my Maclaren. It's really lightweight for a double, and it folds really small, which is extremely important for apartment dwellers who don't have elevators and live on the top floor and need to leave their stroller in a crowded hallway as out of the way as possible. (Are you tired just reading that?) It folds up fairly easy. It's light! This side-by-side is one of the narrowest of its kind and it does fit most places, but not all, particularly if you live in Brooklyn where everything is tight, cramped, and seemingly not twin friendly. But that's my problem, right?

I do like how easy it is to get the kids in and out of their seats. The 5-point harness buckles and unbuckles easy ... well for everyone except for my mom who can't get it right but she's an awesome Grandma so let's not tell her.

But I really dislike the two handles. I wish there was one push bar so I can push it with one hand in the middle of the bar and sip my latte with the other. I don't regularly drink lattes so that was a joke, but I do prefer one continuous handle. The small wheels on this stroller aren't the best in the snow, either. And that can be a factor for people like me who live in a city and do most of our day-to-day by foot without ever getting into a car. Still, it's a great stroller. Kind of like the Volkswagen for tykes -- dependable, cute, small, tidy, and looks good. Plus there is nothing more adorable than having your twins on display all next to each other and cute! It's like you are presenting them to your neighbors and saying, "Look at these kids! Aren't they the most adorable!?" (See that's them up there holding hands!) Your kids will look the most adorable in it, too.

The Tandem

tandem stroller

The folks over at Chicco gave me their Cortina Together (around $275) to test out. In my opinion, it's the Cadillac to my Volkswagen Maclaren. Granted I have never tried the Bugaboo Donkey so I'm just saying in comparison. This Cortina opens and folds up with such ease that it was shocking to me. So easy! It does not fold up as small as the Maclaren so it does take up more room. If you had to lug this one up and down stairs, you wouldn't be happy unless you really like to lift big things that are awkward to carry. But it drives like a dream and can navigate snow really well, plus it's higher off the ground than my side-by-side, meaning any dangling blankets or muffs won't get wet from the rain. Score! Though I don't feel the sun shade is adequate and I have trouble every time I try to buckle the kids in. My husband, however, does not.

The Together has one continuous handle for pushing so I can have that latte if I really wanted to be fancy. Plus it's more narrow than the side-by-side, making it easier for me to get through the aisles in stores. Sure, it's a longer train, but it's thinner so we fit more places with ease.

The storage underneath is great as well and you can fold down one seat for more storage, put one kid in the stroller, and wear the other. But I haven't done that yet. If I wear, I'm wearing one and the hubs is wearing the other.

My kids are just 16 months old, though I do think my son prefers the tandem but only when he is in front -- he waves to everyone we pass. My daughter does greatly enjoy kicking the back of his seat when she's in back, too. But because one is hidden from view, I don't get to show them both off at the same time. We're more like a choo choo train.

Verdict? Hazy. I like both for different reasons. But if I lived in an apartment where I had to bring the stroller into my house and not able to leave it in the foyer downstairs, I would go with the Maclaren.

Twin moms, parents of two young kids, what double stroller do you prefer?

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