Parenthood: Where 'Garboflague' and 'Yupping' Are Real Words (VIDEOS)

You know when your kiddo draws yet another picture of "cats" that looks exactly the same as the 12 others they did today (none of which resemble cats at all), and you really need to put it in the trash but don't want them to see, so you put other trash on top of it? Yeah, there's a word for that: "Garboflague."

For the many, MANY situations that our current vocabulary just doesn't have real words for, the KidDictionary by Eric Ruhalter has some wacky and hilarious words for so many things that only a mom or dad can understand. Our special words may not make it into the Oxford English Dictionary anytime soon, but there are certainly some hilarious ones out there.

  • TOYPHOON: Routine recreational activities of children that leave their playroom looking like it was decimated by a hurricane.
  • DOMESTIC VIOLATION: The potentially lethal mistake of referring to a stay-at-home mom as someone who “does not work.”
  • YUPPING: To pretend to understand what your incoherently babbling 2-year-old is saying to you.
  • UPPTITUDE: The intense desire to be the one who presses the button in an elevator.
  • THUMBLE: To speak incoherently with one's fingers in their mouth.
  • WISHJACK: To blow out the candles on another child's birthday cake.
  • AMUSELESS: When a child has thousands of toys, games, books, and crafts yet there is "nothing to do."
  • And there's more!

My husband and I refer to the skilled toddler move of going completely limp so they are hard to hold on to and try to slip to the floor as "melting," but I've heard it referred to as "going boneless" as well.

Now I just need a word for my daughter thinking that avoiding eye contact and remaining perfectly still as a way of pretending she wasn't just caught getting in trouble.

Can you think of any funny words for common kid stuff?


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