Mom Takes Craigslist Ad for 'Baby Daddy,' Depresses Us All

A Craigslist ad that supposedly ran in Pittsburgh has the Interwebs all agog. A mom in Pittsburgh is looking for a "baby daddy" and appears to think the best place to find one is on Craigslist. If it's real, it's one of the most depressing ads in history (which is saying a lot). If it's fake, it's borderline offensive.

Here is the ad as it appeared and written out:

stop flaggin my damn post

I am reel mi baby reel

My babby need a daddy

My baby daddy run off and take my car

Only want a baby daddy u ain’t guna get close to me just be my baby daddy

You have caryou drive me and mi baby where we need2go

You bai us grocery at gnt iggle

Then maybe we c bout u getting close to mee

I am reel person. It windy as hel2day


So, what do you think? Is this a fake?

If it isn't a fake, then my heart breaks for all involved because, dude, really? There was no better place to find a man than Craigslist, home to serial killers, weird sexual habits, and used furniture?

Just what kind of man is going to come from a Craigslist ad? Let us imagine. It will be doubtful that he will be handsome or smart or even well-read. And on the off-chance he is any of those three things, then he is even scarier. Because then you have just told a man trolling Craigslist that you have children and you want him to care for them.

What kind of man would that attract?

I prefer to think of this as a prank because a.) it seems too insane to be real, and b.) I would have to lose all faith in humanity to believe otherwise.

My verdict: This is a fairly bad prank in very poor taste.

Do you think it's real?


Image via Craigslist

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