Miranda Kerr Rocks Bikini 3 Months After Baby

Miranda Kerr and Orlando BloomAt the same time most of us are facing the harsh glare of the dressing room lights bouncing off our pale skin, highlighting every ripple, bulge, and pocket of cellulite, here comes Miranda Kerr prancing around looking fabulous in a bikini. To make matters worse: She just had a baby three months ago.

Sure we see celebrities slim down post-baby almost as often as we see them enter rehab, but this is really quick. Kerr is clearly showing off just to spite us during prime bathing-suit-buying season. Could she not have been at least a little more considerate and waited until we got a hint of a tan?

She looks incredible. Go ahead and look at the photos of the bikini-clad Kerr if you must. But be warned, no matter how confident you are in your own skin and how much you like her, you're going to hate her at least a little after seeing these.


Just three months after carrying and birthing a baby, she looks like that! But really, instead of hating her, we should probably thank her. While she's clearly got some good genes and she's a model for a living, I think she provides inspiration. She sends a message that while pregnancy can wreak havoc on our bodies, there's hope that we can get back into bikinis.

Maybe we can't do it as quickly as she did, or as seemingly effortlessly as she did, and maybe a tankini is a more reasonable goal for some of us. But too often women use childbirth as an excuse for why they're out of shape when it doesn't have to be the case.

It's not easy, but it can be done. So if you need some inspiration, pin a picture of Kerr to your mirror or refrigerator. Resist the urge to throw darts, and instead look to her as a source of motivation and a reminder how we can change our bodies. Of course, the challenge is not to beat ourselves up when we don't look just like her, but it can't hurt (unless you take it too far, of course) to have high hopes.

And really, we can't hate her for showing off like that no matter what. You know we'd all do it too if we could.

Does Miranda Kerr's post-baby bikini body depress or inspire you?

Image via Splash News

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