Some Kids Really Should Skip Certain Vaccines


As a middle ground vaccine mom, who does almost all vaccinations, but on a delayed schedule, I often find that not only do moms who feel like me make up a good number of moms, but we also have a tendency to get ignored in debates. Plus we get insulted by both sides. Oh goody.

One of the vaccine topics I'd like to debate is the one about how all kids should be vaccinated. For those who say they should, I'll ask, "Have you ever read the inserts?" But the better question might even be, "Has your doctor offered you the inserts?" Maybe not.

Getting "all the vaccines" isn't nearly as simple as people think. In fact, there are many vaccines that children of many different types shouldn't get ... as written by the manufacturer themselves.

I can't stress the importance of reading the inserts before getting any vaccine enough. Learn the reasons to get it, and also the potential complications. There are even medical conditions that are contradicted for various vaccines that you should know about.

For example, if your child is allergic to gelatin? Might want to talk to your doctor about the Tripedia DTaP:

It is a contraindication to use Tripedia vaccine after a serious allergic reaction (eg, anaphylaxis) temporally associated with a previous dose of this vaccine or with any components of this vaccine, including thimerosal and gelatin.

How about uncontrolled epilepsy or infantile seizures? That's contradicted too. Gelatin also is in the Varivax varicella vaccination as well.

Considering the Rotateq rotovirus vaccine? Around immune compromised people? You should know that virus transmission to unvaccinated people is recorded.

The FluMist nasal spray shouldn't be given to kids or teens undergoing aspirin therapy, or kids under 5 with asthma.

Now, my point here is not to tell people not to vaccinate -- not at all. That'd be like saying because some people are allergic to peanuts that we should never eat peanuts. My point is that before someone starts rampaging about how people who don't get their children vaccinated -- fully or even in part -- are killing their kids, your kids, bringing back diseases or whatever insult or accusation of irresponsibility you can think of, consider that it's not nearly as cut-and-dry as "get them" or "don't." Just like with many medications and procedures, each individual person has their own risks and benefits to weigh, and the results will not be the same for everyone.

Heck, I can't even touch amoxicillin without getting blisters ... if I swallowed it, I would die. However, for many other people, it's the perfect antibiotic, right? My family's decision to be a completely amoxicillin-free household isn't a reflection of our opinion on whether or not other people choose to use it. It's merely the choice we've made for our family from my medical condition. Vaccine choices are often the same.

Just a little something to consider before hearing someone skipped one vaccination (or all) and wanting to go off on them about how all kids need vaccines and parents who don't get them are irresponsible, eh?

Do you read all vaccine inserts? Do you skip any for your kids due to medical conditions?

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nonmember avatar Anon

Yes, I researched before I went to the ped for the first time, and then when he tried to push me to get my kids' MMR right then and there (wasn't even going to ask before doing it), I asked for some literature, and he gave me the inserts. Funny thing - he asked me if my kids had tried eggs yet, and I said no. Well, if you are allergic to eggs, you can't get the MMR. Nice! I took the papers home, read them, and stayed away from doctors until my kids were 2.5, at which time I felt OK getting them their MMR. ... My daughter has neurological issues, and I have a sister who had bad reactions to vaccines and eventually got epilepsy. My mom instinct told me to wait on the MMR. I don't care what anyone else thinks of it, or how far they vaccinate (unless they ask my advice). I did what I considered safest and have seen no ill effects.

butte... butterflymkm

I'm with you. We delay vax because DD has reactions (crys and screams for days sometimes for seemingly no reason and gets awful hard knots at injection sites) both groups seem to be annoyed with th middle ground.

nonmember avatar courtney

we do the Sears alt/delayed vax schedule, much to our pedi's's nice to see i'm not the only mom who feels attacked from both sides for taking the middle ground!

Candice Del Vecchio

We delay too now that I know more. The twins got all the ones they were "supposed" to have on the doctor's schedule. I never questioned it. :( But with our 3rd, I researched a lot more. He still got vax'd, but not on the doctor's schedule unless I felt the benefits outweighed the risks. He still hasn't gotten his MMR - he will at his upcoming appt. on the 28th, but he's 3.5 now. And our youngest, who is 20 months, will get his FIRST vax's at that same appt. I am actually starting to kind of freak out now lol. 

nonmember avatar Teresa

I never even thought about or knew about the inserts!!! Even though we haven't vaccinated at all yet (child is almost 4), I'm like you. We will consider what to do long term. It's very hard to figure out. I really appreciate your thoughts on this.

nonmember avatar Anon

Yes, I read the inserts but I also have a brain and just pretty much know by now that those who get vaccines should not be living with the immune system compromised.

By the way, adverse reations are not as common as some would like you to belive and epilepsy can develop at any time, not just from vaccinations. And you have no idea usually what you are allergic to until you come into contact with it. By at the very least 2 years most children have been in contact with eggs for some time so those vaccines are typically already known to be safe or not.

There are alternatives in case anyone wants to stop being paranoid or an armchair pseudo-scientist and research.

Ginger Sadler

Going through this right now with my oldest getting the gerdisl vaccine. Last  year at her appoitnment her dr. made me feel horrible about not getting that...and we skip the flu vaccine, both my kids and myself every year and guess what this year we didn't get the flu but everyone else did that got the shot....go figure.

lilel... lilelvengirl

THANK YOU!! I'm in the middle ground as well when it comes to vaccinating and I catch all kinds of grief because I don't agree with getting every vaccine. I think it's ridiculous that people think they can tell me I'm wrong for being okay with some vaccines and not others. It's my family's business what we do about our health and as long as we're all healthy, I don't see where anyone else can tell me I'm doing something 'wrong' or even that they should care in the first place.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I'm fortunate that my son, so far (knock wood) hasn't had an allergic reaction to anything... So we've given him his vaccinations pretty much on schedule. Looking back, the only thing I'd do differently would be to spread them out more, because I think it can overload their little systems. Generally, our family doesn't do the Flu Shot, simply because I'm not convinced of its efficacy.

The only problem I have with 'non-vax' people are the ones who are completely non-vax because they think 'vaccines don't work', 'vaccines are bad' or 'vaccines cause autism'. (and yes, I'm paraphrasing) They're as bad as those who say, "you must do every single vaccine that the CDC puts out there."  Sometimes getting the disease is just as, maybe more, effective as the vaccine, and not deadly (chicken pox, for example)

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