Clothing Label Tells Babies They Are Too Fat

Kate Moss once said she lived by the slogan "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," and now a clothing label has taken her slogan and placed it where it doesn't belong -- on the t-shirts of little girls and babies. Great. Just the thing I want my beautifully chubby 9-month-old to be worrying about.

We live in a world where even 5-year-old girls are worried about fat and possibly going on diets. The last thing I would ever want is for my little girl to consider the good, wholesome food I put in front of her and wonder if it would feel better to be thinner.

It wouldn't. Why would we want to train our children to fear food? What good could possibly come of that?


Maybe she thinks it's cute or funny or maybe the clothing, which Kate Moss has had nothing to do with, is made and marketed by a US-based firm named Teen Modelling. It's sold in the UK on a website called that seems bound and determined to undermine the fragile egos and self-esteems of already shaky little females.

Eating disorder experts have already called for a ban on adverts for the shirts many are calling "appalling," especially as they come sized to fit school-aged children and babies.

Maybe parents think it's cute in the same way "If you think I'm cute you should see my daddy" shirts appeal to some. But there is nothing cute about disordered eating. There is nothing cute about teaching girls to hate their body so much they can no longer even see it for what it is.

Start them thinking like that young and I guarantee you at 15, you will have a child who doesn't even know what she looks like and regularly calls herself "fat."

These people should be ashamed. But I'm sure they know that. I'm sure this is all a publicity stunt to get our attention. Well now they have it, but that is all they have. The only mothers who would buy these shirts for their daughters are the kinds who have their own serious issues.

Would you buy a shirt like this for your baby?



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