Zsa Zsa Gabor to Become a New Mom ... At 94?

Zsa Zsa Gabor has been famous for many things over the years -- her impetuous nature, multiple marriages, her sexiness, and her beauty, but at 94, she may become famous for something new entirely -- being a very, very old "new" mom.

On Thursday, her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt told CNN that he is looking into making his 94-year-old wife a new mom (for the second time) using an egg donor, artificial insemination, and a surrogate mother.

I've gone through the initial steps of donor matching and blood work and next week the donation process will begin.

Gabor already has a daughter, Francesca Hilton, who is 64. Hilton has openly said she isn't comfortable with the idea.


The fact is, Gabor has suffered major health problems in the last year, including hip replacement surgery and a leg amputation, and she has been unable to walk since a 2002 car accident. Her 67-year-old husband insists that he would be able to care for the child on his own. For him, the whole idea is to have someone who would carry on the Gabor name given that her only daughter is a Hilton.

So he thinks it's logical for her to become a mom again at 94? Think of all a new baby entails: diaper changes, late night feedings, rocking, singing, love, and attention. Can two senior citizens, one of whom is closing in on the century mark, really handle such things?

She would be very lucky if she lives another six years, which would leave this little child alone with a 73-year-old man. At this point, my will doesn't even leave my children to my parents who are in their mid-60s because I worry they would be overwhelmed by my energetic young ones.

Sure, they could hire people to help, but is that really how a baby wants to be raised? By a team of nannies and an ailing father?

Perhaps this decision needs a bit more time to ponder. One might say they are running out of time. And that very fact, I would think, should answer the question of whether this is a good plan or not.

Do you think this is crazy?


Image via classic film scans/Flickr

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