'Teen Mom 2' Unseen Moments Remind Us That Even Adam Is Human

The Teen Mom 2 unseen moments show didn't do much to convince me that the teen moms on the show are decent parents, but the episode was full of little "surprises."

Some of the biggest were over the relationships in the show. Here are some of the biggest surprises:

Deadbeat dad? Jenelle actually did talk to Jace's father Andrew about the custody situation with her mother. Even he seemed to think that Jenelle wasn't a fit mother. It makes me wonder what other role he played off camera and what he thinks of the mess Jenelle is making out of her life.

Adam was almost decent! Chelsea had her wisdom teeth out and Adam was almost (ALMOST) a decent boyfriend for about 5 seconds. He actually went to the dentist with her, picked up her prescription, and laughed. He laughed! He showed he might have a personality. That was gone quickly, though, and he was back to old tricks.


Corey and Leah fought: According to what we saw on the show, Corey and Leah were close to perfect. But during the outtakes, we actually saw there were quite a few major problems, including some big fights.

Food bank robbery: Jenelle did most of her shopping with Kieffer at a food bank. Ugh. I am beginning to see why Barbara can't deal with her. She is 19, has a baby and a total loser boyfriend, and lives off the kindness of others. Get it TOGETHER, girl!

Unseen fights: Kailyn and Jo's father apparently had it out during the course of filming, but during the show, they basically were portrayed as saints.

The one thing the unseen moments make clear is that editing plays a much, much bigger role than we might understand. Even the things that might seem innocuous and didn't really add much to the story actually allow us to see more of the people we're watching.

For instance, until I saw the unseen footage, I pretty much thought Corey was the most saintly 19-year-old guy in history. Now that I've seen him lose it a bit and get angry and stressed, I can see that he isn't always easy to live with, which helps explain Leah's nerves around their wedding.

Seeing Kieffer and Jenelle act like inept destitute brats made Barbara's anger and disappointment a little more understandable (even though that was already fairly clear).

Finally, I saw another side of Adam. Certainly, I still dislike him, but the sullen, personality-challenged jerk who we saw all season actually had a few moments of levity in this episode where he didn't act like the biggest douche-bag who has ever walked the earth. He seems nearly human and much less demon-like.

Did you learn anything from the outtakes?

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