Sophisticated Stripes in San Francisco

Boy do I have a beautiful nursery to share with you today and, yes, it does include stripes. I never seem to get tired of them, do you?

It should come as no surprise that this space was created by an interior designer. Lindsay Brier of Anyon Design wanted to have a fresh space for her son that wasn't overly babyish. 

She achieved this by mixing modern pieces (steering clear of baby furniture collections) with some vintage finds. See more detailed photos of the nursery below. 


I'm digging the fresh color scheme. Lindsay decided to use the orange as an accent since it's her husband's favorite color. She then added the gray, khaki, and white to flow with the rest of the house and to create a sophisticated scheme that the baby could easily grow with. 

The main focal point is definitely the painted stripes. I love the mix of vertical stripes in the hallway that contrast perfectly with the horizontal stripes in the nursery. 

Baby Hawken seems to like his space.

And so does the family's dog!  

Lindsay's philosophy is that rooms should be able to easily grow with children. I think she accomplished that with this modern nursery, don't you? 

Images via Paul Dyer Photography

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