Should All Restaurants Be Kid-Friendly?

kid drawing with crayons Time and time again, arguments arise over whether or not kids should be allowed at certain types of restaurants, at certain hours of the day. People have all sorts of opinions or even requirements. They say:

"Only before 7 p.m." But some people eat late ...

"Not if alcohol is served." Even Applebee's serves alcohol ... sometimes in kid cups (but that's a whole other story!).

"Not if there's a bar." Many restaurants have crayons and bars.

But I have the REAL answer to this question, one that I have yet to hear any argument against.


You'll know if a restaurant is kid-friendly if they have high chairs.

So that goes for the "romantic date night" places and the spots that serve booze and turn into a nightclub scene after 10 -- if the place has high chairs, you can't get annoyed if there are kids there. In fact, I can go as far to say that if you don't want kids around, and you pick a restaurant that has seats made just for the littlest eaters, well, you're probably not a rocket scientist.

And if they've got crayons? And paper menus for kids to draw on? Then you've got the kid-welcoming-trifecta and should expect kids there, and probably even changing tables in the restrooms.

But this also means, moms ... if there's not a high chair, crayon, or grilled cheese sandwich in sight, you might want to consider leaving your kiddo with Grandma or choosing a different restaurant that really does want mini-patrons.

Do you think the presence of high chairs should negate any right to complain about the presence of children?

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