Defending the $1,500 Bugaboo Donkey


$1500 stroller bugaboo donkeyHaving been on multiple parenting list serves, and writing in the parenting realm ever since the stroller renaissance began, it did not surprise me in the least that the blogosphere rolled its collective eyes at the new Bugaboo Donkey stroller and its $1,500 price tag (or $1,659). To see how deep this stroller war can go, go to any parenting forum and say, "I'm thinking about getting the new Bugaboo. Or should I just get a Graco?" and wait for it. Alternately, go to a community website and ask child-free people what they think about sharing a sidewalk with a Bugaboo. That is fun.

So as people start to freak out about the hard-to-get and incredibly expensive double stroller from Bugaboo, I have to say, everyone needs to chill.

There's nothing wrong with buying a $1,500 stroller.

If you think there is, I'd like you to take inventory. What kind of car do you drive? Could you have gotten just as good of a car for $5,000 less? Why didn't you? What kind of TV do you have? Did you really need a flat screen when an old-school tube works just as well? How many jewels are you sporting? Is it really necessary to put sparkly things around your fingers and neck? Do you buy clothes anywhere other than a big box store? Why?

In other words, we all make purchasing choices that are sometimes irrational to others. The first time I spent more than $50 on a purse, I felt an incredible sense of guilt, yet many of you wouldn't think twice about spending thousands on the same item. We all make our choices, and sometimes those choices include a great big, space-hogging, impeccably designed baby transporter. Let those among you who have never shelled out for something impractical throw the first baby rattle. Just don't aim it at the Donkey -- that thing's expensive.

Would you buy the Bugaboo Donkey?


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butte... butterflymkm

I wouldn't but I just think it's ugly. Spend your money as you please :)

nonmember avatar Anon

No, I would not spent $1500 on a stroller. As for what I buy for me, got you there too. My car is 14 years old. I have only a small amount of jewelry all of which is not newer than 4 years old and none of it could be classified as a "rock" although it is all sparkly. I buy from sales racks and don't turn my nose up at second hand clothes. Our flat screen tv was a necessity as entertainment centers are going the way of the dinosaur and ours was several years old and falling apart. We decided to get rid of it before one of our kids brought the whole thing crashing down.

It's probably the wrong time with the economy being in the toilet for so many and inflation sky rocketing to say it's justifiable to spend nearly $2000 on a stroller which I suspect is people just to keep up with the neighbors.

nonmember avatar Cat

No. The name alone is obnoxious as hell.

vanes... vanessa5470

I personally wouldn't.

 $1,500 is a friggin down payment on SOMETHING that's more important, groceries, a chunk off of your credit card bill etc.  How long do you actually use a stroller? 4 years per child, if at that? Then what? garage sale for 20 bucks?

I think it's more for moms who want to show off or keep up with the Joneses.

Madel... MadelynMc

While I don't doubt that the stroller is well-made and highly functional, I have to agree with the other commenters. I suspect that it has more to do with status than anything. If it was more like $500 I still wouldn't buy it, but I could see others justifying it for long-term use. My Graco works just fine. So does our second hand jogger.

nonmember avatar Anon

Would I buy it? No. Do I care if you buy it? No. Frankly, I didn't spend $1,500 in total on all my kids' baby gear, including furniture (2 cribs, etc.), even if you count all the shower gifts on my registry. But that's me. My double umbrella stroller was about $110, and I stopped using it well before my kids were 2 (except for a trip to the zoo at 2.5). I still have it. I'll be happy to sell it to you at a discount price of $1,499.

nonmember avatar AC

Yeah, I don't think so. My wife and I have spent money on "nice to have" things, but there is a line. However, I think the choice is based on what social circle you belong to. I know folks that would not balk at it because that is what is socially acceptable in their circle, just like I know hipsters that only shop at thrift shops and would vomit at shopping at any high end shop.

Ultimately, it is different strokes for different folks...

Marya A Khan

wow everything you said is right on the dot! People need to understand, no matter how ugly or what they think this stroller is....its everyone's own choice..just like the examples you gave of buying a car or tv. Dont judge someone who decides to buy the Donkey. No one judged you when you bought something expensive, right?

jaznrich jaznrich

Still can't get past the fact that something so "high end" is called a donkey. Ha!

Ashley Strine

I think we can all agree that the name is ridiculous. If I were having my first child and I knew that i wanted more, I would definitely consider buying it because it functions well as a single and a double and (if it is made as well as their other strollers) would last for as many kids as you can throw at it. I have been through enough $100-$200 garbage strollers to know that you really get what you pay for in the stroller world.

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