Defending the $1,500 Bugaboo Donkey

$1500 stroller bugaboo donkeyHaving been on multiple parenting list serves, and writing in the parenting realm ever since the stroller renaissance began, it did not surprise me in the least that the blogosphere rolled its collective eyes at the new Bugaboo Donkey stroller and its $1,500 price tag (or $1,659). To see how deep this stroller war can go, go to any parenting forum and say, "I'm thinking about getting the new Bugaboo. Or should I just get a Graco?" and wait for it. Alternately, go to a community website and ask child-free people what they think about sharing a sidewalk with a Bugaboo. That is fun.

So as people start to freak out about the hard-to-get and incredibly expensive double stroller from Bugaboo, I have to say, everyone needs to chill.

There's nothing wrong with buying a $1,500 stroller.


If you think there is, I'd like you to take inventory. What kind of car do you drive? Could you have gotten just as good of a car for $5,000 less? Why didn't you? What kind of TV do you have? Did you really need a flat screen when an old-school tube works just as well? How many jewels are you sporting? Is it really necessary to put sparkly things around your fingers and neck? Do you buy clothes anywhere other than a big box store? Why?

In other words, we all make purchasing choices that are sometimes irrational to others. The first time I spent more than $50 on a purse, I felt an incredible sense of guilt, yet many of you wouldn't think twice about spending thousands on the same item. We all make our choices, and sometimes those choices include a great big, space-hogging, impeccably designed baby transporter. Let those among you who have never shelled out for something impractical throw the first baby rattle. Just don't aim it at the Donkey -- that thing's expensive.

Would you buy the Bugaboo Donkey?


Image via Magic Beans

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