Erykah Badu Breastfeeds in 'Fall in Love' Video


I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I love seeing breastfeeding in public, on TV, whenever it is treated as a normal activity, not as something unusual. My friend Elita of Blacktating feels as I do and she pointed me towards a music video by Erykah Badu that offered just that.

In the studio version of the video for Badu's song "Fall in Love," she nurses her daughter Mars while singing in a room with others. Her boyfriend Jay Electronica is sitting nearby.

Totally natural. Very beautiful.

LOVE! Check out the video:

Not that I'm super-surprised to see this from Erykah Badu. She and Electronica tweeted constant updates during her home birth of Mars, her third child, and she homeschools her kids. She also has talked about how extended/full-term nursing her son, despite her fears that it would foster dependency, ended up creating a very independent and confident little boy.

Oh yeah, and she's vegan too.

With people like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr visible with their natural birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing, and women like Erykah Badu being so open with nursing that she puts it in a music video, I'm feeling pretty good today about some of the celebrity parents out there.

How do you feel about Erykah nursing in her video?


Image via YouTube

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beccimae beccimae

It makes me so hopeful!

mumma... mummajenni

It is great to have these positive images. Thanks for sharing. :) ....and to think "the stir" was really pissing me off today, I'm going to sign off now on a good and joyful note!

Hecate9 Hecate9


Wonde... Wonderlust

SO bottle feeding and pain meds/c-sections would make you feel un-good about celebrity parents? OMG...lmao.

I'm sure they appreciate your approval of their parenting....

Layla19 Layla19

It's nice to see breastfeeding getting more celebrity support.  But as Wonderlust implied (hope I'm not misinterpreting you), we should show support for ALL parents who are doing their best for their baby.

tis.u... tis.unnatural

Wonderlust: I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that people weren't allowed to have opinions that don't line up with your thinking. Am I not allowed to like pizza because salad might feel left out? Not allowed to like jazz because someone else might prefer country? Are you feeling a bit threatened about your choices?

I think this is a beautiful video. Go Erykah Badu!

Anast... Anastazia975

I have to agree with Wonderlust and Layla 19. We should be supportive of all moms. Not just the ones that fall into an ideal. Besides not everyone can breast feed. And those moms should not be bashed. I think it's unnatural for mom's to be so up in arms over choices or situations they are in. It's life, it's mommyhood. Take a breath, enjoy the ride, and support each other. Granted, my mom always said I was a dreamer....

Aslen Aslen

@Wonderlust: Um, how big i that sticj up your ass? Now, SHOW ME where in the hell the OP said ANYTHING about c-section or formula moms? Since it is NATURAL PARENTING, and BFing IS natural, makes sense to me. But, then again, considering how inappropriaterly defensive you were, sounds like YOU are the one with the issues, not the OP. IDIOT

Aslen Aslen

WOW... so many people simply CAN.NOT.READ. No wonder our country is so STUPID!


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