Erykah Badu Breastfeeds in 'Fall in Love' Video

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I love seeing breastfeeding in public, on TV, whenever it is treated as a normal activity, not as something unusual. My friend Elita of Blacktating feels as I do and she pointed me towards a music video by Erykah Badu that offered just that.

In the studio version of the video for Badu's song "Fall in Love," she nurses her daughter Mars while singing in a room with others. Her boyfriend Jay Electronica is sitting nearby.

Totally natural. Very beautiful.

LOVE! Check out the video:


Not that I'm super-surprised to see this from Erykah Badu. She and Electronica tweeted constant updates during her home birth of Mars, her third child, and she homeschools her kids. She also has talked about how extended/full-term nursing her son, despite her fears that it would foster dependency, ended up creating a very independent and confident little boy.

Oh yeah, and she's vegan too.

With people like Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr visible with their natural birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing, and women like Erykah Badu being so open with nursing that she puts it in a music video, I'm feeling pretty good today about some of the celebrity parents out there.

How do you feel about Erykah nursing in her video?


Image via YouTube

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