Mom Leaves 3 Babies Home Alone, Goes Shoe Shopping

Crystal Boyd
Crystal Boyd
Now I like a good shoe sale as much as the next mom. I may or may not have even ignored my kids a little while shoe shopping online at home -- but this mom in Cincinnati, Ohio took  her shoe obsession way way way too far.

Crystal Boyd, 21, left her three babies -- ages 1, 2, and 3 -- at home alone while she went shoe shopping. Uh, who did she think was going to be in charge? The 3-year-old? What the hell was she thinking?


Obviously, Boyd has been charged with three counts of child endangerment and is now out on bond. There is no word on where the children are now or when Boyd is expected to appear in court. There is nothing in the report that states if anything happened to the kids or how she got caught.

Big sad news for Crystal though. You can't wear those new shoes in jail.

Can you imagine leaving kids this young completely alone for 5 minutes, let alone while you went shopping?

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