Mom Performs At-Home Circumcision With Box Cutter

box cutterI didn't think it would be possible to bring the pro-circumcision and intactivists to the same table and have them break bread, but the impossible has happened. A story of circumcision so horrifying no one can agree with it has come out of Oregon. At least . . . I'm hoping no one thinks it's a good idea to try your own at-home circumcision with a pair of pliers and a box cutter? Really?

Keemonta Peterson, the mom who allegedly pulled this awful stunt on her 3 month old baby, told police she watched YouTube videos before she decided to use the pliers as a tourniquet and the box cutter as her "scalpel." America, I'm sorry, but a bunch of YouTube videos does not a doctor or a mohel make! Either side of the aisle agrees circumcision is a big deal! If it IS done, it takes someone with solid experience cutting into a little boy's delicate flesh.


Not surprisingly, the little boy started bleeding uncontrollably, but Peterson at least had the good sense to call 911. He was rushed to the hospital, but he's doing OK now. The mom is facing assault and criminal mistreatment charges.

What do you think? Is this one of those battlegrounds that will bring moms on either side to the table?

Image via certified su/Flickr

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