Embryo Mix-Up Couple Finally Getting Their Babies

embroy mix up twins pregnantRemember Carolyn and Sean Savage? The couple from Ohio suffered a devastating loss when they were told Carolyn had been implanted with the wrong embryo, and was pregnant with someone else's child. After carrying the baby boy for nine months, and giving birth, the Savages turned him over to his biological parents in Michigan.

It was a sad story of loss for a couple who had already gone through so much in trying to have a baby. How many of us wondered if we could do the same thing? Carrying a baby for nine months, learning to love that baby, only to have him taken away after you gave birth. (Not to mention suffering through the pains of pregnancy where the end result was disappointment.)

But now the Savages have something to celebrate. The couple is expecting twins! And this time, there's no way the pregnancy will duplicate the last one in 2009.


The Savages announced that they are expecting twins via a surrogate, who became pregnant in December. Yep, Carolyn won't be carrying a baby again, due to complications in previous pregnancies, and I can't say I blame her. Of course, I also can't say I would trust a fertility clinic wholly again after the last mix-up.

The couple have three other children, and now will be adding two to the mix in another unconventional manner. I have to say the couple is incredibly brave. After making the decision not to fight for custody of the baby boy (rightly, but surely painfully), Carolyn suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. After all, she had given birth to a baby, and it was gone.

I'm not sure how you recover from that, much less watch him grow from a distance, knowing he'll never know you, or even feel connected to you. But I wish the Savages luck with this surrogate pregnancy, that is currently 19 weeks along. Which must be nerve-wracking, yet amazing.

Would you ever use a surrogate?

Image via marie_claire_camp/Flickr

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