'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Book Deal Is Pathetic

Get ready for even more Teen Mom action. Farrah Abraham, the star of Teen Mom has written an autobiography. Yes, an autobiography. There are real writers with degrees in writing who are not getting work and a 19-year-old is trying to get a book deal.

This would not be such a big deal if she were not a.) 19 and b.) A terrible writer. Her website is riddled with misspellings and typos and needs a proofreader desperately, so god help the editor who has to work on her book with her.

At 19, what would a memoir even say? I mean, granted she is a reality star who is allegedly coming back for another season, but who would want to read 250 pages on her life?



Maybe she ought to consider a cookbook instead. She is in culinary school, after all. Or even fiction, but between her and Snooki, it makes me want to scream.

Hell, maybe I am just jealous. But when I get a book deal, which I will, it will be because I am a writer not because I had a baby at a young age and went on MTV and exposed my life. Is there really anything more we can learn about her?

In a market already crowded with memoirs from actual writers, would anyone really read Farrah's? I am thinking she ought to stick to MTV and what she knows best.

Would you read Farrah's book?


Image via MTV

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