Which Way do You Sling?

photo by corrie0227

Baby slings have become incredibly popular in recent years. There's even a Baby Wearing Mamas group on CafeMom, which is just one of many. So many styles, so many patterns. I love 'em all. But I just read a really interesting article (which came out before the controversial Motrin ad I wrote about earlier today), in the Times online, "Are Baby Slings Good for Mothers and Babies?"


The article gives reasons wearing a sling is good for baby, such as:

1. Close contact is a bridge between the womb and becoming a separate person. The baby can pick up signals and make adjustments by being close to the mother.

2. A mother's heartbeat is a calming influence for a baby as she's heard it for the past 9 months. A sling is the perfect way to maintain that reassuring background noise.

3. Babies who are carried cry 43 percent less, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics.

But is wearing a sling good for Baby Mama? According to a doctor in the article, it could hurt your back so follow these tips (it seems Motrin may have had a valid point).

1. Everyone's posture is different so there's no one sling that will work for everyone. If your sling is correctly adjusted and fits well, you shouldn't have any aches and pains. If the sling isn't comfortable, try another brand or style.

2. Make sure your baby's weight is distributed evenly. If you're already having back and shoulder pain from something else (breastfeeding, your job), a front-loading sling can make it worse, consider wearing one on your back—it may be more comfortable.

Are you a slinger? What kind do you use? What do you like about it?

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