Key Baby Pacifier Recall Due to Choking Hazard

pacifier recallKey Baby is recalling almost 30,000 pacifiers due to a potential choking hazard. Which is not at all what you want to hear in relation to your baby's binky. In fact, short of a baby bottle, this is one of the last things I would want to have to worry about when it came to my baby. While no injuries have been reported by this company, they announced yesterday that their Pampers Natural Stages Infant Ortho and Bulb models do not meet federal safety standards.

Yikes! So pop that paci out of your baby's mouth right now, and check for this info:


Only the Stage 1 silicone pacifiers are involved the recall. The pacifiers, which come two per package, are available in yellow, pink, or blue and have "Stage 1" and "Ortho" or "Bulb" printed on their packaging. They have an oval-shaped mouth guard with "Pampers" printed on the handle side of the mouth guard.

The pacifiers sold for about $6 at retailers across the country from April 2010 through February 2011.

If you find yourself in possession of one of these pacifiers, take it away immediately from your child and contact Key Baby for refunds and coupons. You can reach Key Baby at or call them at 813.949.5559.

I already have an unnatural fear of pacifiers choking babies, so this recall seems especially scary. Don't those nips always seem like one good bite from a teether could just lop it right off? Which is, of course, why we must have federal safety standards in place. To keep the scary from happening.

Does your baby use this pacifier?


Image via Baby Pronto

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