You Won't Believe the Hottest New Baby Name!

Sarah Palin is famous (or infamous) for her own unique way of naming her children -- Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow and Piper. These are not the names you hear everyday at the supermarket, that's for sure. But now it seems Palin's popularity (or is it infamy?) has led to a new baby name -- That's "Palin" to you...

The number of families naming their babies Palin tripled from 2008 to 2009, according to Baby Center and while that may scare people like me to death, apparently others are perfectly fine with it.

Generally, I think naming your baby in a trendy way is not smart. Names mean a lot and the idea that anyone would want their child to share their name with a dozen others is a little disheartening.


But seriously? Name your baby Palin? What on earth has she possibly done to deserve something as important as your baby's name?

According to Baby Center, this is a girl's name. One can only assume that parents think it is a strong name and that their little girl will turn out to be a leader like Sarah Palin. But, uh, what are they smoking?

She is not even that well-liked any more. There is a whole host of people out there with baby name regrets already and I imagine this could be one of the worst. Palin has already surpassed "Barack" in terms of popularity and he has been the President of the United States!

I just feel bad for anyone who has chosen this name. Given her penchant for idiotic gaffes, blunders and narcissism, I think a whole lot of people are going to be in family court begging to change their child's name in a few years.

I just hope they gave them a stellar middle name!

Would you name your baby "Palin"?


Image via sskennel/Flickr

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