Traveling with Baby Made Easier

Have you flown with your baby yet? I have and it's a lot different than flying used to be. You've got to give yourself a lot more time, you've got a lot more bags, and you have no idea how your baby is going to behave during the flight. Will she cry? Will she sleep? Will she be afraid?


The Transportation Security Administration recognized that families move through airport security more slowly than individuals or couples, and so it is expanding its "family lanes" program to every airport security checkpoint in the country. Assistants will be on hand to help families move through security and at the 45 biggest airports, special scanners will be available to screen large bottles of medically necessary liquids such as infant formula.

The family lanes will be in place at every large and midsize airport by this Thursday (November 20, 2008), just in time for the holidays.

How do you manage to get through airport security with your baby and all his stuff? I'd love to hear your tips.

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