'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Recap: Chelsea Houska Needs to Wise Up, ASAP!

The Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special included the usual round of Dr. Drew Pinsky's incredibly intrusive questions, sullen teen moms that require my television to be at volume level 21 to even understand, and lots and lots (and lots) of tears.

First, some questions: Why is Dr. Drew even on this show? The guy is so smarmy, it makes me insane. He brings out all these girls' secrets, asks them intrusive, painful questions, makes them cry, and then says, "Oh well, hope you get some help, now on to commercial break!"

If he's a therapist, awesome. They all need one. If he is a talk show host, fine. They're getting paid by MTV. But this in between, "I am kind of a sensitive guy, but I actually kind of don't really care and can't wait to go back to my mansion and Botox parties" is annoying.

But I digress. The fact is there were some update "surprises." These included:


Chelsea and Adam are back together. UGH!! Why? Why? Why? Her father must be just beating his poor head on the wall. Adam is so clearly using Chelsea for free rent, a car, and for trying to get out of child support. She doesn't seem stupid, but she is so naive when it comes to Adam.

Does she really think that Adam is anything but a complete loser? She never should have even had sex with him in the first place, let alone made him the father of her first child.

Shockingly (just kidding), all of the teen moms have major issues with men and with their dads. Leah's father apparently left her when she was a child, which I hadn't known prior to this reunion special. She was fairly terrified of men. This was also true of Kailyn. Both girls seem shocked that they could be with men who don't curse them out or walk out on them (wow, high standards).

But Chelsea makes no sense. I would argue that no woman in the world has as good a dad as Chelsea. Randy is the most involved, patient, loving dad I have ever seen. Anywhere. Not just on this show. She is so, so lucky there and so unlucky elsewhere.

All the girls seem to be on Mirena (the IUD). It was like a giant infomercial for it. Somehow I suspect there was some sort of kickback involved. However, I hope they are telling the truth. IUDs are pretty awesome.

The most humorous point of the evening came when Dr. Drew pointed out that Jenelle Evan's boyfriend Kieffer was homeless and jobless and using her. "But he made me laugh," she says. Oh, OK. Yes. I always date the homeless because they're funny. What? There are no funny, smart, motivated guys?

Jenelle and her mother are still arguing for good reason. At this point, Jenelle is no longer even funny. She needs to get it together. Yesterday.

I am curious to see if these girls come back and what happens.

Did you like this season?


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