8 Babywearing Benefits for Everyone (Even Baby!)

A lot of people see "babywearing" as something only the breastfeeding-obsessed hippie type does. Fortunately, that stereotype is being broken every day with pictures of many celebrities and fancy types wearing their babies (like Orlando Bloom!).

There are lots of reasons babywearing is a great solution for different parenting needs -- moms can nurse while walking, worn babies cry less, it bonds the baby to the person carrying them, and it makes baby feel more involved. But there are more reasons -- even some health reasons -- why babywearing is a great choice


1. It's the perfect treatment for reflux.

Babies with reflux or even the severe version, called GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), spit up like all babies, but for them, it's especially painful and can cause serious problems. Being upright as much as possible but especially after feeding helps prevent spit-up, and the movement and gentle pressure of upright carriers can help alleviate their discomfort.

2. It's the best way to grocery shop with a baby.

Putting the car seat on top of the shopping cart is incredibly dangerous and can damage your car seat. Putting the seat IN the cart takes up all your grocery room. But for babies who aren't big enough to sit in the cart itself, a carrier, sling, or wrap is the perfect solution. You can shop, hands-free, with your baby comfortable and safe.

3. It helps prevent and fix flat heads.

Simple logic, a baby who is worn instead of laid down in a car seat, bouncy seat, or swing doesn't have pressure on their head that can contribute to plagiocephaly -- "flat head syndrome." For cases that don't require helmets, babywearing can actually help reverse the flat head.

4. It helps with baby's development.

Especially for babies that hate tummy-time, being worn upright still provides a lot of opportunity for muscle development in the back and neck. In preemies, the more physical contact, the faster they grow and develop -- seriously.

5. Makes housework easier.

You can dust, vacuum, put away dishes, and do tons of things much easier when you have two hands, and a baby on you.

6. Helps prevent sibling jealousy.

Being able to do things with your older kiddo since your hands are free helps them see that the baby doesn't get in the way of you interacting with them. They don't learn that the baby has to be put down for them to get help or playtime from you this way.

7. It's great for dads and grandmas.

Show dad how to babywear safely and he can walk around the house (or the yard) with the baby while you get a nap or eat food while it's still hot.

8. It makes walks way more interesting.

Let's face it, the park can get boring. But when babywearing, you can go off the cement and onto much more interesting hiking trails where strollers could never go.

Can you think of other practical benefits to babywearing?


Image via MelanieLouise/CafeMom

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