Chinese Cows Making Human Breastmilk?!

What are we making?No, it's not a case of radiation from Japan freakishly landing in the middle of a Chinese dairy (though you'd be excused for thinking so). Instead scientists have introduced human genes into 300 cows to produce milk with human breast milk properties. The scientists are hoping to replace formula in stores, and say they are backed by a major biotechnology company.

I'm kind of creeped out, and kind of incredibly excited. After all, I wouldn't feed my baby GMO food of any other kind, so why breast milk? On the other hand, if this genetically modified breast milk is completely safe (yes, I realize what a huge, probably inaccurate, assumption that is), then more power to 'em.

But would those of you who condemn formula be okay with women feeding their babies mass-produced breast milk?


The reason I throw that out there is my feeling is, for some women, the actual act of breastfeeding is what you're defending. Especially when you see backlash for women who exclusively pump. Sometimes it feels like the breast vs. formula "war" is more deeply rooted in a lifestyle choice than a nutritional discussion. As witnessed by one side calling formula-feeding mothers selfish and lazy, and the other side saying how it's disgusting to breastfeed in public.

For those two groups, this news may not even be relevant. But for the rest of us -- probably most of us -- in the middle, getting SAFE mass-produced breast milk will be a blessing. Sadly, I just don't know if I can trust this particular breakthrough from China. But I'll be anxiously awaiting more information.

What do you think about these cows making human breast milk?


Image via eierea/Flickr

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