Moving? Blame Your Baby

moving with babiesAs of this week, our family will have spent one year in our new home of Los Angeles, California. It's nice here in LA. The weather (while weirdly cold this year) still beats the pants off of most other places this winter that were constantly covered in snow. We've found an amazing school for the kids, we're making new, fantastic friends, and I finally feel like I'm getting into the groove after adjusting from a decade-and-a-half of living in New York City.

But one thing is for certain: I didn't make the choice to move away from my chosen city on my own, the babies made me do it.


It's almost a cliche (or rather, I guess, it totally is) that once you have kids, you leave the city behind and run to the 'burbs. For awhile those 'burbs were Brooklyn and it seemed perfectly reasonable to raise my baby in the most child-friendly borough of all. But, like Paula at Ad Hoc Mom, there wasn't enough baby-proofing to keep our small apartment, nor the neighborhood, from becoming a death trap. Or in the case of the neighborhood, just a big, incredibly expensive inconvenience.

While we know people that make it work in the city with kids, they also have two things that we did not. 1) Space and 2) fortitude. We finally decided that, even though we loved New York City more than anywhere else we'd ever lived, and probably ever would, it was too damn hard. So we packed our babies up and moved to the suburbs, or rather, Hollywood. Which is like the suburbs in that people are friendly at the grocery store and we have a backyard.

The kids took over the yard the second we plopped them down in the warm California sun and haven't looked back. I, however, look back constantly. Could we have toughed it out in our tiny space in exchange for staying in the city I loved? How crazy would we have gone during those three blizzards this last winter? Can we move back? And I know, because of the babies, the answers to those questions would be: No, Very, and Not for another 18 years.

Still, I try not to blame the babes for making me leave the city I loved. Because even though I know the only reason I left was the ease of life with children in another location, this new life is pretty darned sweet. My husband often says that as long as we're all together, it doesn't matter where we live. My heart says he's right, but that doesn't mean I can't fantasize about brownstone living, walking instead of driving, and my old, crazy way of life. You know, crazy in a way that doesn't even come close to crazy with babies.

Did you move after your baby was born?

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