Keep Radioactive Milk Away From My Baby

radiation found in milk
Is this okay? Really?
I'm not one to wildly overreact. Yet here I am, getting angrier with every article I read about radiation being found in milk on the West Coast of the U.S. When the winds started to blow a little radiation over this way from Japan, I thought, huh, is this a big deal? When experts started weighing in about how we shouldn't worry because it's just like getting a chest x-ray, I thought, well, that's not so bad.

But now they're saying I don't need to worry about the radiation being found in the milk supply. You know, the stuff I give my baby. Now I'm done being placated, and more than panicked, I'm simply fed up.


I'm not trying to blame anyone for a natural disaster that then caused a nuclear plant to malfunction. I'm not even any more or less anti-nuke than I was before all of this happened. I'm just tired of being told that the air my children is breathing, and now the milk they're drinking, may be radioactive but it's not going to hurt them. Really? Then why not tell me exactly what brands of milk are contaminated, so I can decide what I need to be banishing from my breakfast table?

So far there is no information as to where this milk that comes from Spokane, Washington and San Luis Obispo, California is winding up. So who knows if I'm inadvertently buying it at my local grocery store. Although the dairy in San Luis Obispo seems to be connected to Cal Poly, so I'm hoping that means it's not something that gets wide distribution.

Now reports also say that soon vegetables could also show higher levels of radiation. But don't worry! It's nothing that can hurt you. Has anyone taken the radiation in the air, added it to the milk, the water, and estimated the future vegetable contamination? I'm just wondering when it all adds up to the smallest of us getting cancer.

It's a fact that toxins are far more dangerous to babies, in utero and out here in the real world. So at least give me a chance to shield mine from any extra, so-called harmless radiation that's settling over all of us.

Don't you want to know what brands of foods have elevated radiation?

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