Laughing Baby Gets Kicked Off Public Bus

I always think people cannot get any ruder to mothers who have children and then someone comes along and proves me wrong. A woman and her 13-month-old were kicked off a bus in Australia. It must have been because the baby was screaming, thrashing, and throwing a fit, right? It's the only thing that makes sense.

But nope. In this case, the mom and her happy baby were kicked off because her joyful baby made the cardinal mistake ... of laughing too loud. Um, what kind of world do we live in where a laughing baby brings anything but joy to the people listening?

She was told she needed to quiet her baby down or get off the bus. As she asked: "She's 13 months old, what can I do?"

Exactly! What can you do? Babies don't understand decorum and they don't understand when they need to be quiet, but hey, we were all babies and most of us (not all of us, clearly) learned how to not be rude little turds. This bus driver clearly skipped a few lessons, though.


Even as a non-parent, a role I played for the first 27 years of my life, I understood that babies had as much right to be on public transportation and in coffee shops and at restaurants as I did. Now, obviously, there is a time and a place. Babies tend to do better at brunch and lunchtime than they do at late night dinners.

Obviously, babies shouldn't be at bars or in loud places, but city buses? Excuse me, but if you don't expect to see babies, you can walk. I get so tired of people who don't have children hating on people who do. We all share this world and even if you couldn't have children or chose not to, you come off as a bitter jerk if you hate on people who have them. 

A person who is happy with their own life can find joy in children. They can find joy in helping a mother who may be having a hard time. They have room in their hearts to understand that the 15 minutes of loud screaming (even happy screeching is loud) isn't much more than a blip on their otherwise child-free day.

Many might feel sorry for the mother in this story, but I don't. The people who can't find it in themselves to enjoy a happy baby are the ones I pity. How sad and pathetic and joyless must their lives be that they're that angry and bitter.

Getting kicked off the bus is humiliating, of course. And we should all be angry. But I would so much rather hang out with that mother than that bus driver, thank you. She may be quiet and keep the peace, but I would rather hang with the happy, sweet baby who has to walk than the bitter harpy who is allowed to stay on the bus.

Does this story make you mad, too?


Image via zigazou76/Flickr

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