Sick Church Members Abuse Infants in the Name of God

church abuses childrenAre you tired of people doing horrible things and saying their religion supports that abhorrent behavior? If so, you can add the Aleitheia Bible Church in Wisconsin to your list of hypocrites and sickos you'd like to see punished for twisting religion to make it fit into their disgusting world view.

Philip Caminiti, the pastor of the church, and seven members are facing charges of child abuse for beating children as young as 2 months old with wooden rods. Yes, that says 2 months old. Because Caminiti says children will be happy and obedient if you beat them correctly. He also believes the beatings should begin as early as 1 1/2 months old. And guess why these infants are being smacked with wooden rods?


Caminiti believes that children should be spanked for "being emotional, grumpy, or crying." You know, like ALL infants are since it's their only way of communicating. Also, they must be absolutely quiet in church. Because clearly everyone needs to hear what this evil "man of God" is preaching without the interruption of a baby coo.

The other parents involved in the church also said that "redness and bruising" are part of the spankings. Will someone please take these children -- who range in age from 2 months to 6 years -- out of these wackos' homes? Sparing the rod and spoiling the child is a damaging philosophy at any age, but when you're talking pre-schoolers and infants, it's cruel and unbelievably unnecessary.

If anyone is laying a hand on a baby and trying to correct his behavior -- you need your head examined. And possibly to be locked up for a very, very, long time. Which is what I sincerely hope happens to Caminiti and this crew (one of whom is being described as a "loving" mother -- my a**). Otherwise I might have to take those wooden rods and shove them up Caminiti's.

Do you think it's okay to punish babies this way?


Image via Ben Husmann/Flickr

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