Orlando Bloom Babywears & Bathes With Baby Flynn (PHOTO)

orlando bloom baby flynnI first fell in love with Orlando Bloom when he had a blond wig and pointy ears in The Lord of the Rings. If fact, in the online game, I emote little kisses to him when he's in a quest. Pathetic? Shut up.

Now that he's a dad to Flynn, I'm seeing a whole new side to him that I totally adore, and not just because his family seems to practice a lot of things I share belief in, but because Bloom is just so dang SMITTEN with his baby. He is the ultimate natural parent and he recently told a British morning talk show that one of his favorite activities is daddy and baby bath time.


It’s great, I love it. I’ve been bathing with him a lot recently, it’s been really cute. It’s a really nice little moment.

I know I loved how much my daughter was soothed by baths, and cuddly little babies exploring the water and relaxing can be so fun. It's great that he has plenty of activities he enjoys with little Flynn. Aside from baths, he's been seen babywearing.

And his beautiful supermodel wife Miranda is a lucky woman. Between having an insanely hot husband, he also is so supportive of her, both in her natural birth as her rock, and even of her breastfeeding, as evidenced by the beautiful picture he took of his wife nursing new baby Flynn. In any picture where he isn't holding baby Flynn (which is rare), he's always very close by. I wonder how often Miranda gets to hold him when she's not feeding him?

Normally I don't care much about celebrity parents, but sometimes there are things that just stand out like some good ol' fashioned loving and involved parenting.

Are you loving Orlando and Miranda?


Image via Splash News

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