Eli Manning Welcomes Perfectly Timed Off Season Baby Girl

eli manning babyYou always hear there's never a right time to have a baby. That's so true. There's no right age to pop one out. No perfect time in your career or your husband's career to add to your family. But Eli Manning and his wife Abby got really close to the perfect time. Their first baby, little girl Ava Frances, was born last week.

Yup, the New York Giants quarterback managed to have his first baby when he has plenty of time to bond with his little MVP and help change her diapers. No worries about constant travel and nights of playbook study in these first weeks -- it's the off-season for pro football! Oh, there's that little thing going on, that NFL lockout.

Yeah, proud papa Eli has plenty of time for some Baby and Me classes.


Not all football dads are so lucky -- take Drew Brees. The QB for the New Orleans Saints is the father to two boys, the last one born in October, smack-dab in the middle of football season. His wife Brittany even told 60 Minutes that she wouldn't tell him if she went into labor during a game. Thankfully, she had their second son Bowen on a Tuesday.

You may try to plan your baby so she arrives at a good time of the year, but who knows if you you will become pregnant on the first try or the eighth try or if you'll have troubles conceiving. And, you know what, it kinda doesn't matter -- that dang work-life juggle is year-round.

Some weeks you're around a lot, you make it home for spaghetti dinner, bath fun, and story time. Other weeks, you're swamped at work, maybe travelling a lot. Whether you are a lawyer mom or a pro football guy, it's tough. The good thing for Eli, when football season does start up again (please, Football Gods, please!) and he's on the road to Miami or Dallas, he's got modern technology to keep him connected to his little girl!

Congrats to the whole Manning family!


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