'Teen Mom 2' Season Finale: Will Jenelle Evans Survive a Second Season?

The season finale of Teen Mom 2 was emotional, and though there were sad moments, overall, the season ended on a note of hope for the moms.

There were many high and low points throughout the evening and what the future holds for these four young mothers is unclear. No doubt it will be a long and frustrating road, and I found myself yelling at the TV involuntarily more than once. Watching Jenelle Evans bail her no-good boyfriend out of jail even as her friends tell her it's a bad idea was insane to me.

Knowing what we know about these people, it's hard to watch them make their mistakes, but we have to watch the show like we don't already know a bit about what their future holds.

Here are some of the highs and lows:


Low: Kieffer was arrested and did cocaine behind Jenelle's back. Though she wouldn't go get him from jail, she still decided to reconsider getting back together with him and eventually decided to bail him out of jail behind her mom's back. Is she ever going to learn? It seems pretty unlikely. 

High: Jenelle made up with her mom, though we all know that things haven't been working out so well for Jenelle lately, but in this episode at least, she seemed to be looking forward.

Low: Chelsea's dad had to have Adam's car towed because not only is he a deadbeat dad to baby Aubree, he is also a deadbeat tenant.

High: Aubree's first birthday was really sweet and everyone was very loving toward both Chelsea and the baby. There was "no drama" with Adam, as Chelsea said.

High: Chelsea said: "After everything I went through this year, I finally realized I don't need Adam." PLEASE may this stick!

High: It seemed like Kailyn and Jo would work out their issues.

Low: Kailyn and Jo spent a lot of time name calling and arguing over who had the brighter future. If they keep this up, neither of them does.

High: Leah and Corey's wedding was very sweet. The two babies were wheeled down the aisle in a wagon and Leah looked completely gorgeous in her dress. There is no doubt that it was emotional and bittersweet. It was clear from Leah's mother's pained expressions that not everyone thinks it's the best plan, but they just seem hopeful to me. Call me crazy and maybe I just need something nice to hold on to after the train wrecks of the other girls, but I really do think there is some hope.

At the very least, Leah and Corey will be good parents to their girls. And that, as they say, is all she wrote.

The first season of Teen Mom 2 has ended and it seems pretty likely, given the popularity, that the gang, including infamous @#! up Jenelle Evans, will be back for a second season.

Next week we have the finale special. In the meantime, we are left to ponder whether this next season could be a bigger mess than Amber Portwood ever dreamed.

What were your highs and lows?


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