30-Year-Old Fetus Found in 60-Year-Old Woman


If there was ever an argument for being vigilant about your health, this may be it. The mummified corpse of a fetus was found inside a 59-year-old woman in the Dominican Republic. It appears the 3-pound, 12-ounce baby died some time in the early 1980s.

All that time, the Haitian woman had complained of stomach pains, according to doctors at the hospital, but had never been seen. Meanwhile, inside her there was a mummified corpse.

She is lucky that she didn't become infected and die, which is the real danger with things like this, but it's hard to imagine what she must be feeling after carrying a nearly 4-pound fetus for three decades. Was she sad? Did she want the baby? Have other children? Did she even know she was pregnant back then?

Regardless of what she feels, she is lucky this didn't kill her years ago. This is such a strong argument for why women need better health care, especially while we're in childbearing years.

Most pregnant women spend an awful lot of time googling, so we all know the horrific things that can happen in relation to sex and babies and gynecology. Ladies, take care of yourself and, for god's sake, if you're in pain, go to the doctor. Realizing this woman may not have had the same access we do to good doctors, this should be a lesson to those of us who do to not take these things for granted.

Does this freak you out?


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LadyCash LadyCash

This isn't the first time this (mummified internal fetus) has happened. I've seen the same on some TV show or another some years back.  And yep, it's a bit freaky.

angev... angevil53

that's what i was going to say^^^

Sheila Harris

I saw something like this on tv. A 70 something year old women had a fetus in her that was calcified. (turned to calcium, or some such) and if they had removed it from her when they first thought something was wrong, she would have bled to death. So it stayed in her, and they finally took it out sometime later. But they had to keep the placenta I think inside her since if it was detached then it would kill her. She was sad she didn't give proper birth to it, but she said she will find the strength to move on.

1swee... 1sweetmommma

Wow....I saw an episode of Law & order years ago with something like this in it. I dismissed it as impossible fantasy land TV bull, but okay enertainment. So...now I know it can happen. How sad for this would-be-mommy!

Pati Beardsley

You must be very young. The 1980's was not exactly the early medieval period. It was barely 30 years ago. Believe it or not, we had running water, electricity, and even ultra-sound scans during the 1980's. Granted, we didn't have Google. They had these cool places called libraries. When I was pregnant in 1981, I even had a doctor.. can you Imagine?!?! And I had indoor plumbing, and we had grocery stores and Everything.

Dee Elle Gee

Pati. I think that the point was that the woman in this article didn't have access to healthcare that would have been standard elsewhere. 

in any case, In a show I saw, There was a woman in the middle east who was pregnant forty (or mor?) years ago.  They didn't know it, but she had a (full term!) ectopic pregnancy. She went into labor, but left the hospital when she saw a pretty brutal Cesearean  performed-where the mother/victim was left open and bled to death. Since she couldn't deliver naturally,  The fetus eventually died, and her body began to form layers of calcium over it to protect her from it-kind of like an oyster does to a piece of debris that forms a pearl.  She is now elderly, and went to a hospital complaining of abdominal pains.  The doctors initially thought she had some cysts, but were amazed to find the fetus still inside her.

AlisonV AlisonV

Not everyone can afford DOCTORS. Even with insurance.

Thomas Avery McNeill

We are just organic creatures. This does not shock me..

nonmember avatar Gash

Geez People will believe anything

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