At-Home Hair Color: What's Your Favorite Brand?

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Ever since I had my baby, I've been a new person—much happier, more patient, more tired. I also look like a different person—no time for beauty rituals like waxing or tweezing, pedicures, or haircuts. Not that I was a big spa person, but I did have time to get pampered here and there if I wanted to.


The one thing I really miss is getting my hair colored. I started getting grays when I was sixteen and have been coloring for the past 5 years (at least). It's not so much pampering as a necessity. But sitting in the salon takes so long and now that I live so far away, it's out of the question. I tried it once—left my house at 9 a.m. and got home at 4:30 p.m. and all that I accomplished was a hair color. I definitely don't have time for that!

I decided to color it myself, which I've always hated doing. I bought Clairol Nice'n Easy Perfect 10. The instructions on the box said I would have to leave the color on for only 10 minutes. I am a complete skeptic when it comes to any kind of beauty product and did not believe this for one second. My grays take at least 45 minutes, if not more. But I tried it this morning during the baby's nap and ... it worked! I couldn't believe it! Just 20 minutes later (including application, sitting, and rinsing) and my hair was dark and super shiny. It looked like I had it done in the salon, but it cost a lot less. I just had to share in case you're looking for a good at-home hair color.

Now that I look more like my dark-haired self, maybe no one will notice my unruly eyebrows, unsightly toes, or whisper of a mustache (shhhh). Maybe I can even get out of these maternity clothes soon. Ah, motherhood!

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When's the last time you did something beautiful for yourself? Got any time-saving products you'd like to share? Lemme know!

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