Sheep Gives Birth to Puppy, World to End Soon

sheep gives birth to dog
You want me to do what?
I don't know what's going on down on Mr. Liu's farm, but it sounds like an animal revolution is afoot and soon there will be signs demanding equal rights for all four- and two-legged creatures. You see, Liu Naiying's ewe gave birth to a puppy. At least it looks like a puppy. So will it herd itself?

While vets say it's impossible to have inter-species breeding, when you look at this picture, it does, indeed, look like a baby dog -- not a lamb -- was born on this farm in China. Its tail, paws, nose, mouth, and eyes are all very canine. But it's lamb-like enough to appear like a cross-breeding situation has occurred. Either way, WEIRD.


The farmer claims he came upon the lamb/puppy after the sheep had given birth. The lamb/pup was still wet, and the ewe was licking her newborn's fur. So a switch seems unlikely unless someone playing the trick waited patiently for the ewe to give birth, followed her out to the field, then waited for the exact right moment to set up a damp puppy for Liu to come upon.

The researcher interviewed for this piece points out that it's probably just an abnormal lamb. But the pictures really point to something different. It will be fascinating to see what this lamb/dog grows up to look like as well. In the meantime, the little woolly doggie has lots of visitors as people flock to the farm to get a look at the anomaly. I'm also guessing there will be an autopsy once the little guy kicks, just to check out the situation.

If it does turn out that a dog somehow impregnated a sheep, I'm thinking we're going to have a lot more exotic pets on our hands. How much do you think someone would pay for a bear-dog? Or a cat-bird? Personally, I would hold out for a unicorn, aka a horse-rhino.

Do you think this is a puppy or a lamb?


Image via _overachiever/Flickr

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