I Love My Kids. Got a Problem With That?

kids make you happy
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I'd like to hereby put a stop to any more articles about how parents are less happy than the child-free, how much we hate our kids, and long to go back to those halcyon days of sleeping in and reading the paper in bed. Because even as someone who enthusiastically identifies the most annoying toddler traits, these stories are completely missing the point.

Kids make you happy. Ridiculously happy, beyond anything you could ever imagine, and it's time we stop pretending like that's not true.


Hello? Why are there so many books about how to catch a man, get impregnated by a man, and live your dream life? Yes, those books are sexist and ridiculous. And I would even venture to say completely counter-productive. But clearly there is an audience. A single, child-free audience who yearn to be a part of the parenting club.

I once described how I felt about my new baby to a friend without children. She said, "It sounds like falling in love." And she was right. Those same heady feelings that linger when you lay eyes on "the one" flutter around your children, in a different but no less thrilling way. But the good vibes don't just stop there. Having kids has produced a sense of fulfilment that nothing else in my life has before. I honestly didn't expect that to happen and was taken by surprise at the satisfaction raising children has given me.

As someone who didn't even think she wanted kids, I will freely admit to pangs of jealousy as my single friends don't head home early from the party to meet the babysitter. Do I enjoy middle of the night wakings, diaper changes, endless requests for one more story? Not so much. But the pure joy that washes over me as my babies smile at me and cuddle up for a hug cannot be replaced by the most fabulous gala followed by a crazy hook-up with a hot stranger. No, really.

Children are an incredibly tough, full-time job. But there's a reason all of those saccharine cliches about motherhood get bandied about, even by those of us who like to think we're too cool for sentimentality. It's because they're all true. Yes, even that one about how they grow up too fast.

Do you think kids make you happier?

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