'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Child Support, Custody & Stealing

Episode 11 of Teen Mom 2 had all but one of the moms dealing with the legal headaches that come with being young, irresponsible, and in shaky relationships.

Jenelle is still in trouble for stealing her mom's credit card, while both Kailyn and Chelsea finally decided to formalize their child support and custody agreements. The latter two decisions are obviously important parts of being successful as single moms, but Jenelle. Oh, Jenelle. You are such a mess.

Jenelle is the mistress of language that suits her. She "borrowed" her mother's credit card, she "babysits" her son, and nothing is ever her fault. Her mother took custody from her, she would have an apartment if her mother hadn't sent back the check "out of spite." She was fired for not calling work to tell them she would be out for two days and played that off as their fault. NOTHING is ever her fault. Not ever. Even though the reality is most everything could have been prevented. Get it together, girl!


The only happy "legal situation" is for Leah and Corey, who decided they're going to legally wed. I'm so glad there is at least one couple to root for on this show because the rest are just complete train wrecks.

The legal situations are no surprise. What is a surprise is how long it took to get there and how hard Chelsea and Kailyn had to be pushed (each by their parents) to finally file.

Adam owes Chelsea more than $2,000 in child support. He already has a new girlfriend to whom he complains mercilessly about being forced to pay child support when he has no visitation. Boo-hoo! It's amazing that a guy who was so uninvolved with his child can sit there and say those things for MTV. He makes a mockery of men who legitimately do find themselves in that situation -- paying child support to children their exes don't allow them to see. 

Sorry, Adam. You aren't a sympathetic guy. In fact, of all the dads in Teen Mom history (Ryan included), Adam is the worst. He was abusive toward Chelsea, sponged off her, cheated on her, and showed little to no interest in his daughter. He is a jerk of the highest order.

Jo is less of a jerk, but the way he and Kailyn fight, it's clear they need something in writing, in the courts stating who gets Isaac when. Sadly, it's the only wise thing to do when two parents are unable to even be in the same room without shouting.

There are no easy answers on this show, ever. But part of making the choice to procreate is often, unfortunately, tying oneself to some of the more distasteful aspects of the law. I would never want to have to deal with my family in family court. It's an ugly and depressing place. But when you need it, it can be your best friend. Hopefully it will work out that way for Kailyn and Chelsea, but somehow I sense there is more drama ahead.

Are you glad the dads are finally being taken to court?


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