Finger-Flipping Man Is Bad Dad, Good Fan (VIDEO)

dad hockey finger flipping Kings Ducks

Daddy Kings fan teaches baby about hockey

Now here's a hockey-loving dad -- obviously a Kings fan -- who really just wants to teach his infant son a thing or two about good sportsmanship. So what's today's lesson? When your team loses just 90 seconds into overtime, flip off the coach of the opposing team -- in this case, Ducks coach Randy Carlyle -- with angry vigor! And don't let the baby on your hip get in the way. Give it a nice steady finger rip and add in a maniacal open-mouthed crazy face too.


But seriously folks, what's wrong with this dad, having a baby in the front row at a hockey game? Does that baby have a helmet on? If a puck came flying at him at 100 mph, would it even matter? And what a brilliant way to act in front of your kid. Next year when he's a toddler, he'll be flipping off the coach right alongside you. And once he's in kindergarten, he'll be flipping off his P.E. coach. Wow, a dad like this should be really proud of himself.

Watch the video of the dad's finger action over on Deadspin.

What do you think? Loser dad or winning hockey fan?


Image via Deadspin

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