'Anti-Breastfeeding' Facebook Now Bans Pretend Boobs

I'm beginning to wonder if Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team are offended by moms in general. Terrified of us, and our body parts. Because not only have they deleted, often against their own Terms of Service, support groups for breastfeeding, breastfeeding pictures, and pictures of pregnant women, they've gone one more ridiculous step and deleted pictures of FAKE boobs. Crochet boobs. Crochet boobs that are really hats for babies!

Yep. Facebook hates Boobie Beanie -- the best hat for your baby when you are nursing in public. Their Facebook page has been deleted, deemed as offensive. Apparently even a nipple made of yarn was too much for Zuckerberg's crew.


I guess I understand. I mean, boobs, even hats made to look like them, they're scary. Well, if you're a 12-year-old boy.

What's next? Will bottle-feeding pictures be deleted since there are also fake nipples on baby bottles? And Ameda and Medela's pages will go down too, right? Or is the issue that BEHIND the fake boobs in these Boobie Beanie pictures, REAL boobs are functioning as intended? That must be it. Just the mere IDEA of a breast lactating is terrifying to those with the maturity of Justin Bieber's fan club.

Facebook needs to rewrite their TOS to state "Photos of breastfeeding or even those that imply that your breasts might possibly be used for nourishing infants, or even things that look like they might come in contact with lactating breasts are hereby banned." At least then moms would be able to follow the TOS and understand why things were deleted.

Anyway, 23-year-old Sara Hanson of San Francisco, the creator of Boobie Beanies, has sent multiple messages to Facebook so she can reinstate her business's page, and learn what exactly caused them to shut it down. She had more than 3,000 fans and the page removal is hurting her income. So far, no response. There's a Bring Back Boobie Beanie page, though, and many people have written letters.

Facebook, you suck. I just wish you had some competition that didn't also suck.

Do you think Facebook's treatment of moms is ridiculous? What do you think of them deleting the Boobie Beanie page?


Image via boobiebeanie.com

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