This Hidden Danger of Baby Monitors Freaks Me Out


video baby monitorWhen I was a new mom, I had tons of fears, anxieties, worries. Okay, I've always had fears, anxieties, worries, but the arrival of the bambina brought a whole new batch. Some of them were justified (is my baby eating enough comes to mind), others were just weird. Like what if someone is visiting and overhears us talking about them on the baby monitor.

I know, straight out of a scene from a movie or book. Modern Family has used the "overhearing it on the baby monitor" shtick a couple of times. I am sure it happens in real life.

Then I found out just how dangerous baby monitors can be.

Yes, a baby monitor, especially the new video kind, can help you keep your baby safe, but it can also put her in harm's way just by being on. Baby monitors have a bigger range than you may think -- and are broadcasting things you may not want strangers to hear.

A local news team in New York did an experiment where they bought a regular video baby monitor, turned it on, and drove around a neighborhood. The video monitor in their car was able to pick up video feeds from many houses and hear everything going on inside those homes. 

This is creepy. This is scary. Anyone with a video monitor turned to the same frequency as yours can see your baby, can hear you making dinner, chatting about your day, saying goodnight. Anyone. Burglars, child pedophiles, anyone.

Now before you freak out, they also talked with police to see what you can do to be safe. They said to be sure to turn the monitor and the camera off when you aren't using it and to have the camera just focused on the crib, not a large area where burglars could see more of your home. Mainly, they said to buy a video monitor with a digital lock (which is pricey) or one with a single frequency channel.

News like this makes my odd fear of some friend overhearing me toot in my baby's room seem really pretty trivial. 

Do you have a video baby monitor?


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amazi... amazingaudri

Nope! I didn't buy one for that exact reason. I have a cheap one that is only on at night.

Liviann Liviann

Nope, only an audio monitor and we didn't use it ver often since our house is small.

Memph... MemphisSuzi

We have a audio only monitor -- and I have often heard our neighbors chatting.  The night we heard the poor baby cry for over 2 hours without anyone going to check on her, followed by my knocking on their door in my bathrobe to make sure all was okay, and then getting cussed out for being a nosey neighbor was enough to make me switch frequencys (ours has 2) but I still use it!  ;)


Nope!! This is why-- only use audio, and will be sure to turn off when not in use now!!

Nicho... NicholasMama608

Nope mine is audio.  Oh and BTW MemphisSuzi, I would have told you off for coming over as well.  I practice CIO and if DS was dry, fed, burped, and clean I let him cry until he stopped on his own.  And yes his longeset record is about 2hrs.  Now his temper tanturms last anywhere from 5min-2hrs and my presence in the room makes them 10x worse than if I just let him be in his room to cry.

PonyC... PonyChaser

The LAST place you should have that camera pointing is at the baby's crib, if pedophiles are watching. (sheesh. People are afraid of EVERYTHING nowadays)

CoolR... CoolRelax

Shoot, I have the perfect cure for that...I'll just train the camera at my post baby bod and listen as I hear some creep running down the street crying "My eyes, my eyes!!!" lol, why are folks so crazy these days.

Seriously though, we have an audio only monitor that we have yet to use.  The kids are in the room/bed with us at night.  What are y'all living in, mansions?  lol! I can hear my girls crying from another floor.  Sometimes I think I hear them crying and it's just my mind playing tricks on me.  New mother = newly crazy I guess.

Curio... Curious11

I read these reports and bought a 'safer' video monitor. 

Seriously though... monitors offer far more benefits than risks.  What's the probability that you're going to become the target of a criminal mind?  I don't subscribe to the 'what if' factor and living my life in fear. 

How will that constant worrying, anxiety and fear affect your kids (or relationship)?  Not well.  I want to teach my kids caution and confidence without having them mimic me and be afraid of things that will likely never, ever, ever happen.   

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

This story made me laugh. 

xavie... xavierlogan09

nope. my baby monitor is old fashioned. it has to be plugged into the wall. it's not mobile. i didn't want to spend tons of money on a monitor i was only going to use for awhile. we don't use ours much anymore now. 

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