Rachel Zoe Rocks Stylin' Diaper Bag & You Should, Too

Rachel Zoe is known for setting fashion trends and for being on top of what's in, so everyone has watched her pregnancy bump as she dresses it in flowing sweaters, all black and takes a generally effortless approach to maternity chic. Now she has outdone herself with an Alexander McQueen diaper bag.

All black and monogrammed with gold lettering, the bag is a very stylish alternative to the god awful waterproof Disney character-covered puffy bags in varying kind of plastic that certain baby superstores sell.

Yes, the McQueen bag costs thousands more than those puffy plastic ones, but you know what? In this case, it is worth it. Here's why:


Everyone will say, "if the bag is just going to get poop on it, why bother?" The thing is, have you ever actually gotten poop on your diaper bag? I haven't and I have carried more than eight over a four year period. Also, I don't carry around poopy diapers. I make a point of throwing poopy diapers out (duh) and therefore, my bags remain pristine.

A new mom has very little opportunity to look stylish and this offers one. Why take that away? If you are anything like me, your handbag was a major part of your outfit. I would have never carried a plastic, puffy piece of crap bag to work on the subway, so why would I carry one with my baby?

There are very stylish alternatives. I can't really even count the number of bags I have carried over the years that look nothing like diaper bags. I had this Sweet Pea one for a while, several of these Liz Lange ones, a Petunia Picklebottom (which fell apart, do NOT buy one of these) and many others. For me, it was a must. Even when my clothes were ratty, my hair unwashed and my contacts still on the bathroom sink (while I was in the grocery store), I always had a rockin' diaper bag. It just makes me feel good.

Now, four years later, I am close (so close!) to being done with diapers. If I don't have a third, I will gladly go back to bags that don't have crushed up crackers in their bottoms, diapers in their corners and a wipe-hiding technology that makes it impossible to ever find them when I need them. But I would not have gotten through it without stylish diaper bags.

Rachel Zoe, right on! You will be much happier if you stay true to yourself.

Did you have nice diaper bags?


Image via Neiman Marcus

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