Celine Dion Bores Audience With Lullabies, Pics of Her Kids

celine dionSo, let's say you're in Vegas. Yes, Vegas, baby! You're hitting the slots, winning some, losing some, having a fantastic getaway from the kids. You want to see one of the shows Vegas is known for, so you -- lucky you -- get tickets to see the reigning queen of Vegas: Celine Dion!

Sitting in the seats, ready to see some awesome dancers, some fabulous sets and costumes, but instead, you get some of Celine's home movies and a lullaby?

Yes, Celine Dion's new show has baby pictures. She's that mom -- the one who can't stop talking about her kids even when she's at work.


Of course, she sings in the show too, and I'm sure she sounds awesome. And for some die-hard Celine fans, this is a show of all shows -- a show all about Celine and about her family. But, for others, they may be left wanting more.

It just reminds me of those moms, the moms at work or at book club or at yoga class who can't stop talking about their kids. Who yammer non-stop about how adorable Junior is, how his little league game was, how he just smells sososososososo yummy -- it's annoying and it gets boring after a while.

I know she's excited to be a mom, we all are. But there comes a time when you have to stop talking about your offspring and showing pictures ... and talk about something else. It really doesn't matter what -- anything to remind yourself and those around you what makes you tick, besides being a mom.

It's hard because what consumes you now that you are a mom is being a mom. I know it's tough not to talk about it 24-7 because I do it too -- heck, I work at a place called CafeMom. I'm raising my hand, waving it in the air that I'm guilty as charged. But I try and catch myself as often as I can. The main reason I try to not talk about being a mom all of the time? Because when I do talk about something else, it reminds me about all of the parts that make up me -- the news junkie, the Harry Potter fanatic, the jazz lover -- all of the parts that make me a good mom.

Do you find yourself talking about "mommying" too much?


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