Miracle Tsunami Baby Found Amongst Wreckage

japan earthquake tsunami babyA story like this is why search and rescue teams keep going until the bitter end. As teams searched Ishinomaki, a small coastal town devastated by the earthquake and the following tsunamis, they thought they heard a baby but dismissed the first cries. The second time, the crew started digging until they came across a 4-month-old baby in her pink woolen bear suit. You have to check out the picture of this adorable little miracle baby

After you hear the story of how this baby was separated from her parents, you will believe in a higher power. This baby should not be alive, much less in such great shape.


As a tidal wave hit the home of the little family on March 11, it literally swept the baby out of her parent's arms. The parents survived the natural disaster, and stayed in their damaged home, certain their baby was long gone. Needless to say the father was ecstatic when they were reunited.

Three days that baby was buried under rubble, but so far is doing fine. As the report points out, the soldiers who found the baby were reinvigorated after finding a baby that somehow was not crushed, and did not drown after being swept away by the tsunami. Meanwhile, 2,000 bodies did wash ashore nearby. It's impossible to know why that little girl wasn't a part of that gruesome discovery.

I'm not an overly religious woman, but I have to believe something, somewhere helped save this baby. At the least, she should have drowned after being swept away by a tidal wave. Then to be buried, but not crushed, is simply inexplicable. I'm sure her parents are praying to someone, now that they have their precious baby back. And someone should get her a fresh pink bear suit.

Do you believe this was a miracle?


Image via Official U.S. Navy Imagery/Flickr

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