4-Month-Old Baby Girl Brings Hope to Japan Tragedy

The unimaginable tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan has had few happy stories, but one that emerged out of Ishinomaki, a coastal town northeast of Sendai, has filled at least some survivors with a sense of hope. 

A 4-month-old baby, swept from her parents' arms during the tsunami, somehow managed to survive the destruction. It's a bit of good news in a story that seems to just keep getting worse after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan last Friday and was followed by tsunamis and potential nuclear disaster.

The parents of the baby were seeking refuge in their destroyed home and were overjoyed to find their baby daughter was still alive.


Other than being cold and wet (and likely scared), the crying little girl that rescuers found in the rubble was basically unharmed.

Stories like these always help to put things in perspective for me. Here I sit, thousands of miles away, lamenting my healing broken ankle or long days of work and then I hear a story like this and I feel so shallow. We can all (and should) send money to Japan and watch the devastation on the news. We can share Facebook videos of the tsunami and shake our heads in disbelief, but a story like this really helps bring it home.

This miracle baby girl survived amidst all the chaos around her. For her parents, their destroyed house and belongings likely no longer matter as much. They have their daughter back. And for all of us who are watching, helpless, unable to dig through debris or feed people who can't get food or drinking water or help treat the injuries or illness that are bound to need treating, we can at least have some perspective.

I am going to hug my babies a little tighter today and think of those parents so many miles away who, in spite of all the destruction around them, just had the greatest miracle of their lives.

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Image via MGD_photography/Flickr

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