'Teen Mom 2' Recap: What Is Going to Happen to These Babies?

The tenth episode of Teen Mom 2 had more screaming, more fighting, and more turmoil for all the young parents and their very young offspring. When is enough going to be enough?

I would like to get through one episode of this show without crying, please. Thank you, MTV gods. I mean, seriously, the scenes of fighting, especially between Jenelle and her mother while Baby Jace sits in the middle, are just heartbreaking.

What is that going to do to Baby Jace when he gets older? How is he going to turn out? The sad thing is, he isn't the only baby caught in the middle of strife. Indeed, this episode appeared to be the one where all these babies' lives fell apart while they're too young to know it.


Jace is stuck with his grandmother, which at this point may or may not be a good thing. Clearly his mother isn't mature enough to handle him, but his grandmother raised HER, so how is she going to handle a boy who is almost sure to have emotional problems now that he's had to live through so much fighting? Clearly Jenelle's mother didn't set enough limits or do enough time-outs with her little girl when she was young, and now Jace is paying that price mightily.

The scenes with that poor little boy are honestly just devastating to watch. It's as if I can actually see his mental health deteriorating before my eyes. Maybe he will be the success story, the boy who rises from his situation with a level head and intelligence, but I'm guessing he turns out more like Keiffer (Jenelle's boyfriend), who seems to love the reefer.

Meanwhile little Isaac had his own family drama to contend with. The war between Kailyn and Jo continued this week and escalated into a screaming match and fighting over the baby and who spent $30 on babysitting (um, here's a quick tip: you BOTH did!). It's all just ugliness and the person who will pay the most from all these moments of strife is the little one who loves both his mom and dad.

Chelsea and Adam had their own breakup, which, in this case, is such a good thing. For the sake of little Aubrey, I hope that these two stay as far apart from one another as possible. As Chelsea's dad said, "To get the fairy tale, you actually need to have a prince ..."

And finally, the big surprise of the evening was Leah and Corey. These two may or may not get married. Leah has cold feet. And if they don't get married, Corey says he will leave. This is the only case where I think breaking up is wrong. I would like to see these two go the distance, if for no other reason than something happy has to happen for these four families. It's too depressing otherwise.

Do you think this show is really sad?


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